Allergy Elimination

Do you have allergies? Eggs, Milk and Dairy are some common food allergies, as well as Lactose intolerance, Grain & Gluten sensitivities, issues with Seasonal allergies flaring up, or even environmental toxins or toxicities. Other allergies may include sensitivities or the lack of absorption of vital nutrients such as B vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Calcium and more. Through allergy therapy with the IMAET, a quantum biofeedback "Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology", these allergies can be eliminated, and you can get back to enjoying life!

Using a Quantum Biofeedback software technology – the IMAET system, we can check for immune responses to foods, products or irritants, and focus the body on fixing these genetic mutations. IMAET stands for "Immune Modulation & Allergy Elimination Technology". Through this communication with the body, coaching it with an energy balancing technique, the body can modulate and de-stress metabolic errors, restoring health throughout the body. With this method of communicating with the body's biofield, our bodies can begin to see and focus the immune system on things that need to be modulated, eliminating allergies and all the negative symptoms they bring.

To learn more about how the IMAET works go to the Bioenergetics - IMAET page

The IMAET Biofeedback device is a Class II medical device, registered with the FDA and used by practitioners throughout the world.

All appointments are done over the phone, from the comfort of your own home.